Stephen Scott Johnson

Stephen Scott Johnson

Master Class:
Culture of Innovation by Design – Is your organisation a controller, pioneer, mimic or synergist? (9:00am – 11:30am incl morning tea, Monday November 13th)

Plenary 5:
Organisational Intelligence 2.0 – how we live and work (11:00am – 12:30am, Wednesday November 15th)

Expert in brand and culture transformation with 20 years’ experience in global business

With a background in digital innovation and behavioural sciences, Stephen has worked with hundreds of individuals and organisations to transform their impact. He is featured in BRW, Fast Company, Huffington Post, TechCrunch, National Marketing Mag, MICENET, and The Age; and critically acclaimed with accolades including Cannes Cyber Lion, AIMIA and webby.

Stephen’s forthcoming book, EMERGENT- Ignite Purpose | Transform Culture | Make Change Stick (Wiley 2017) is a blueprint to ignite purpose and mitigate change risk, transforming how organisations engage and co-create value with employees and stakeholders. It is a must-read for leaders who want to make a difference, consolidating two decades of research to addressing the biggest challenges in business today.

Stephen is a leading authority in the use of crowd-sourcing principles to fuel business growth. His command over the way information and influence spreads in the digital economy is industry-leading, as is the methodology he’s developed to track, measure, map, and turn this information into a powerful decision-making tool.

The architect behind some of the world’s most influential social movements, Stephen’s expertise spans global health and environmental campaigns with the United Nations, to the design of enterprise communities for iconic institutional brands.

Nothing inspires Stephen more than helping people lead and thrive in contexts where value creation is fast, fluid, and persistently disruptive. He is passionate about conscious leadership and helping people connect with what lights them up.

Twitter: _stephenjohnson