Why Ci2011

Why attend?

Our world faces incredible challenges. We live in a world full of surprises – there is something about technology that takes us ever closer to the margins than we could go before: drilling oil deeper, taking greater risks within banking, having more planes in the air. When things go wrong and the oil leaks, or the finance sector collapses, or volcanic ash clouds block our skies, they go very wrong indeed.

Inevitably as technology progresses our risks will deepen, and our lives in this new millennium will be, as they already are, filled with very large surprises. We face the certainty of uncertainty. Individuals and organisations need creative new ideas and innovative solutions to adapt to constant change and re-invent the future.

Creativity is of increasingly strategic value to nations, communities and individuals in making the transition to innovation and knowledge-based economies. Creativity and innovation are also vital for businesses exposed to globalisation, increasing competition, diversity among consumers and rapidly changing technology. Tomorrow’s competitive success will be based on creative ideas. The development of people who can imagine and create innovative new solutions is the key to future success and sustainability.

The recent IBM CEO Global Study, which surveyed 1500 CEOs, identified creativity as the most important leadership attribute over the next 5 years in an increasingly complex global environment.

Following the overwhelming success of the inaugural Creative Innovation 2010, Ci2011 will be a two day conference program with additional days of Master Classes and Deep Conversation options, performances and a Gala Dinner attracting delegates, thinkers and speakers from around Australia and internationally.

It’s a place to learn techniques and strategies, share ideas and gain empowering experiences. A place to imagine the future. The conference will bring together delegates from all sectors to discuss the challenges that impact global business and society, growth and sustainability issues facing the business environments of Asia Pacific, learning institutions and workplaces of the future and best practice for leaders and organisations in a super-connected world.

CI 2011 will:

  1. Feature over 35 world class Australian and international keynote speakers, leaders and thinkers
  2. Highlight super-connected digital world opportunities and megatrends that affect business and society in Australia, Asia and globally
  3. Provide insights and techniques for unlocking personal and organisational creativity to inspire your leadership in times of complexity
  4. Deliver strategies, structures and processes for creating greater organizational performance, productivity and wellbeing
  5. Showcase the world’s best practice solutions and ideas for the development of sustainable and innovative futures for community, business and government
  6. Bring together leaders and emerging talent to discover cross-disciplinary solutions that will make a difference in your life, organisation and community
  7. Offer outstanding networking and business opportunities

As a result the event will expand creative understanding and unlock the ideas and imagination of participants. This will create a significant ripple effect through individuals and organisations to enhance the growing momentum of creativity in our society. Participants will be at the leading edge of this movement.

The Creative Innovation Conference program will leverage the great work of thought leader symposiums such as TED (www.ted.com). It will provide a unique opportunity for fresh thoughts, strategies and connections in a creative, high energy, results-focussed environment.

This is not an event for long drawn out presentations. It is an event for interactive, thought leaders to provide a launching pad for new opportunities and innovative futures. There are a maximum of 1000 delegate places at the conference. The event has the potential to transform thinking. The inaugural Creative Innovation conference Ci2010 was described by many delegates as the best conference they had ever attended!

For a business person, the numbers are the measure of success. If we don’t have the numbers, that’s the end of the conversation. But if we don’t have the conversations that’s the end of the numbers. It’s a paradox.Yves Bastien, President Sanofi–Synthelabo, Canada

Feedback for CI 2010

“Best conference I have ever attended, and I’ve been to many!”
“The whole experience was transformational. The music and art, the atmosphere, the innovative format, the diversity of speakers and the conference organisation itself. This will be a moment in my life I look back on and remember as a turning point.”
“This event will bring about lasting change and ongoing friendships for me and many others. It engaged and
challenged us at so many levels.”
“The combination of business insights, powerful creative moments and provocation made me feel alive and
awakened long dormant parts of myself. I feel inspired and re-energised to be a change agent at work.”
“Thank you for hosting the best conference I’ve ever attended. You pulled off an amazing, life changing event like it was routine.”

We recommend early registration as this event will sell-out. CLICK HERE to register now.

Creative Innovation Hub

The Conference will showcase an incredible range of specialists and innovative people and organisations. The foyer will feature advanced interactive creativity technologies, social media sites and creative artists. It will be a hub for meeting and connecting.

Digital Assets & Production

A major component of the event is a digital assets library with the full presentations at the event. In addition to the event speakers, other presentations will be published under the Creative Innovation Global and Creative Universe brands and provide a rich library of Australian and global thought leadership. These assets will provide an ongoing interactive resource for partner organisations to leverage innovative, thought leadership content to help their teams advance creative and innovative outcomes. The assets will be distributed through television, online hubs, event website, event partner education and organisational development programs.

"Best Conference EVER" - Micenet Australia Magazine