Creative Innovation 2017 (Ci2017)

How unequal? Insights on inequality

Friday, 27 April 2018


Australia has experienced its longest period of economic growth in history during the last quarter century. Yet, there is growing debate about the benefits of this economic growth and their distribution, and the extent to which inequality is increasing in Australia.
These are important issues because significant inequality can weigh on future economic performance and undermine social cohesion.
CEDA’s report How unequal? Insights on inequality aims to examine:

  • The distribution of benefits from Australia’s prolonged period of economic growth
  • whether inequality has increased in Australia during this period
  • where policy interventions could assist.

In particular, the report looks at the impact of key factors such as education, employment and location on inequality.
It also examines intergenerational inequality and potential drivers of increased inequality in the future, from technology advances to changes to traditional employment through the emergence of, for example, the gig economy

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